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Discover the Magic of Lonche at Mi Pueblo Cotati!


We are located in the heart of Sonoma County, and here at Mi Pueblo Cotati, we strive every day to bring you not only a meal, but an authentic Mexican experience, full of flavor, color and human warmth.

Lonche Time: A Moment to Enjoy

We know that lunch time is a precious moment of the day, an interval where you can put aside your work or daily worries to savor delicious dishes and recharge your energy. At Mi Pueblo Cotati, we want to turn your lunch time into a little getaway to the heart of Mexico.

Imagine savoring our acclaimed Chicken or Beef Fajitas, with perfectly marinated meat, fresh and crunchy vegetables, all wrapped in a soft and warm handmade tortilla. Every bite will take you on a culinary journey, where the flavors of Mexico are presented at their best.

A Menu for Everyone

And if fajitas aren't your thing, don't worry, our menu is overflowing with options to satisfy all tastes and appetites. From traditional enchiladas, bathed in a sauce that is the perfect balance of spicy and mild, to our vibrant tacos, each dish is made with love and the authentic Mexican seasoning that characterizes us.

A Welcoming Atmosphere for Everyone

At Mi Pueblo Cotati, we welcome you with open arms and smiles ready to make you feel at home. Our friendly staff and welcoming atmosphere will make you forget the stress and immerse yourself in a genuine Mexican dining experience, where every detail is designed for your enjoyment.

Be Part of Our History

We want you to be part of our history and we want Mi Pueblo Cotati to be your favorite place to enjoy authentic Mexican food. Although we don't call ourselves the best, we put our heart and soul into every dish and every smile we share with our customers.

We invite you to visit us on your next lunch break and discover for yourself the wonderful flavors and hospitality that await you at Mi Pueblo Cotati. We look forward to welcoming you to our family and sharing with you the delicious secrets of our cuisine!

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